Mis 13 mejores consejos para aficionados a la fotografía


My 13 best tips for photography enthusiasts

La fotografía sigue siendo una de mis principales pasiones desde hace multitud de años y nunca he dejado de tener el mismo entusiasmo e ilusión por retratar todo aquello que me conmueve.

A través de mi experiencia en esta disciplina y sin entrar en temas más técnicos, porque seguro que ya los domináis, he querido trasladaros estas trece sugerencias, para mí muy importantes para seguir evolucionando en esta afición.

Photography remains one of my main passions for many years and I have never ceased to have the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm for portraying everything that moves me.

In my experience in this discipline and without going into more technical subjects, because I am sure that you already master them, I have wanted to transfer these thirteen suggestions, for me very important to continue to evolve in this hobby.


Invest more in good lenses rather than good cameras. A good lens with great luminosity and excellent crystals is what will give better quality to your photos and you can keep them for many, many years, without being obsolete.


Have fun photographing, forget about the rules and experience new challenges beyond the established. Do not stow in everything you have learned, if you already master the primordial (composition, light, color,…) do what the body asks you and enjoy!


Don’t waste your time on improving with editing a bad photograph, no matter how hard you put it it will never be a good image. Instead, if I advise you to take advantage of a good shot, it will make up for you much more.



Don’t settle for taking a nice photo, try to photograph with your heart or soul, rather than with your eye. Let yourself be carried away by your instinct.


Always carry the camera with you, even without the lens cover. I’m sure that more than once it has been etched in your mind, that photograph that, in that day or in that instant, you stopped making. It’s happened to me a lot of times.


I recommend you to see many photographs, especially of the great masters and renowned contemporary photographers, even discover excellent images of anonymous amateurs that exhibit in well-known social media photo communities.


Clearly, no matter how good a team you have, if you don’t leave home, the photographs won’t come looking for you. Go out looking for new sensations, travel as much as you can and discover new scenarios that motivate your photographic instinct.


Get out of your comfort zone, dare to experience new disciplines and new photographic tools. Don’t just leverage yourself in the technique you master.


Beware of social media. They are a source of ego, only looking for the greatest number of «likes». In the end you realize that, you’re just photographing for «what people like.» Use networks, only as a method of dissemination, publishing what you like and enjoy. Forget followers, likes and repetitive comments.


Look for originality in your images, break the rules, be bold and surprise. Leave the «postcards» for another day.


Free yourself from the tripod whenever you can. It is not good to anchor with our camera or carry the tripod, you lose mobility and therefore, you lose creativity and spontaneity. Currently, in most cases, it is possible to dispense with the tripod thanks to the existence of excellent luminous lenses and cameras with stabilizer integrated into the body.


It is essential to know the photographic technique and practice it, but if you already master it, focus on the most important thing in photography: «transmit feelings and above all, tell stories».


Be very careful when processing your photos, we can create spectacular photos but, also «unreal» photos, with strange light behaviors, excessive saturations and exaggerated contrasts. When you have been editing in front of the computer for an excessive time, you no longer properly calibrate all these elements, it is necessary to make a break and rest the retina for a few minutes.


And here’s my last premise: if you want a photograph to last in time, PRINT it!




4 comentarios en “Mis 13 mejores consejos para aficionados a la fotografía

  1. voilà des conseils que j’apprécie beaucoup car ils correspondent à ma façon de photographier 🙂
    c’est sans doute pour cela que j’apprécie autant tes photos car elles viennent du cœur!

    1. Je me souviens vaguement d’une phrase d’un célèbre photographe, qui ne se souvient pas de son nom, et a dit que «Voir ne suffit pas, il faut ressentir ce que l’on photographie.» Et j’exprime mieux mes sentiments avec les images qu’avec les mots …
      Je suis très content que nous ayons la même façon de voir la photographie, chère Malyloup!

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