· Senda (reedited in english)


Not that I’m a fan of pets, but …… my dog is different

His story is a piece of mine, I will summarize, it’s a beautiful story …..



It all started when my pre-retirement prematurely decided to do the Camino de Santiago, alone, as a celebration of my new status.

Passing through the province of Leon, I learned that in that area, Carrión de los Condes, were engaged in breeding dogs, specifically the schnauzer (I think I wrote it well) race, I decided to buy one and send it to my Loli, by courier, in Barcelona, as it was a few months had to sacrifice Blaky, our previous poodle. In this way it would make shorter my home.

I wanted to give a big surprise, she did not know!


In a display of a pet shop in León,  I said … ¡this is my girl !…. bolded!  I think she also barked …. this is my boy!


In the end, Senda arrived in Barcelona after me !!!


Senda (path, in english) why we call it?  because it is clear, path, trail, road, route, camino .. Camino de Santiago!





It’s been more than six years, Senda is already an adult, intelligent dog faithful, obedient, loyal, fun, healthy, loving, …. etc. etc … but yes, some photogenic, had to have a defect.



Upon entering home and open the front door, behind the door of the hall “always” it is his silhouette …. always waiting for me, always happy!


Senda is not the most beautiful, but it is mine.

This is my tribute to her!

Greetings to all !!!!



5 pensamientos en “· Senda (reedited in english)

  1. oh so sweet! I miss my dog, cause i´m travelling now, it´s kind like a Rundreisen, so with many people, so i had to give my honey to my sister for two weeks :(…nice Greets! Nora


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