Just any Saturday in the Plaza Mayor Vic (Catalonia, Spain)


(Post 6 Juny 2014, reedited in english)

Mercadal, or Plaza Mayor, is one of the most characteristic and dynamic city. This is where every Tuesday and Saturday market is held weekly. This same site hosted the market since the ninth century, long before they began to build the first houses that draw current square. Today we can still find stalls with local produce, flowers, crafts and poultry, as well as stalls with all kinds of clothing products and accessories. Every Tuesday and especially Saturday,  Vic Market comes alive, attracting visitors both Osona as visitors from other sources.

But here too we find all kinds of people, races, ethnicities, expressions, costumes, languages, conversations, haggling, discussions ….

a treat for your eyes and your ears!



all kinds of fruits and vegetables


is a good event to practice observation


in the background, the Town Hall


selling all kinds of snails and mushrooms


Book 1 €


gathering of friends and family


selling local products


multiracial market


sale of poultry


Mercabarna Fruit and vegetables


Bus Independence of Catalonia


the one that less sold


expressiveness manifests




try on a bra on clothes


commercial portal


animated conversation


good boys


the mirror betrays me




offer me publicity


ass with air


gypsy beauty


i looking gleanings


all kinds of flowers


locked with friends


observers charismatic


السلام عليكم


time cherries


aggressive seller

Venedors al Mercat de Vic

listening expression


sympathetic florist




I tell you!


ah! these cherries are not here


a practical way to hold a pacifier




observing animals


Catalan camouflaged Independentiste


animated seller


to give away bouquets

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  1. I enjoyed all the pictures with the lots of expressions on peoples faces. But one of them captured my heart: The good boys 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these ‘faces’ as a bouquet 🙂

  2. Buena serie Jacinto, una gozada el paseo.

  3. Beautiful photos of the sun, the market and of people. Thank you Jacint 🙂


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